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Duminica, 10:00 AM

Sfânta Liturghie a Sfântului Ioan Gură de Aur


Sf. Stefan Romanian Orthodox Church has been part of the South St. Paul community for over 92 years.  Built in 1924 by a group of Romanian immigrants, the church preserved the beauty of the Romanian traditions over the years and represented a true religious and cultural sanctuary for the entire public in the area.  With a rich spiritual and social history, Sf. Stefan Romanian Orthodox Church reached beyond its walls to many generations of individuals committed to building communities of worship, education, charity and service.


Since 1924, our Church has served generations of Romanian-Americans and many members of South St. Paul Community and beyond.The Church was built in the traditional Byzantine style of Orthodox churches and the plans of the structure were made by a young Romanian architect, Emil Neagoe, who was at that time a student of the University of Minnesota.


One of the great challenges that our beloved church is facing today is the aging of the building.   The Sf. Stefan’s Parish Council unanimously approved a maintenance plan in accordance with the Minnesota Historical Society rules and regulations.  The plan charts the following three main steps:  painting of the outside walls of the church, replacing of the storm windows that protect the stained glass windows, and repairing and replacing of the outside brick layers.  Fulfillment of this plan will be carried out by the church’s council and will be realized through community donations. 

A dedicated Romanian-American generation is reaching out today to all the members of the South St. Paul community and beyond in hope to preserve the work of its ancestors and to carry forward the church’s legacy.  We make a “Call for Kindness” plea to everyone who is willing to help.  Join us in this amazing journey of kindness and make a donation to help our community. 

Big or small, your contribution matters!   

Our goal is to raise $30,000 by the end of June, 2017

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Make any checks payable to Sf. Stefan Romanian Orthodox Church

In connection with the ongoing “Call for Kindness” campaign, we created this entire website page where you will find a plethora of information about our church, its history, amazing testimonials of the church’s members.  The campaign will culminate with a traditional Romanian Summer Picnic scheduled for June 11, 2017. 

Everyone is invited! 

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A PayPal donation button was created for your convenience as well as a link to all the necessary donation documentation. 

Make a “Call for Kindness” and donate today! 

Thank you in advance for your tremendous help!

Call for Kindness Letter / Project Proposal /

The History of our Church - Booklet




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"Call for Kindness" este in mesaj si o campanie de suflet prin care comunitatea noastra doreste sa-si faca cunoascute valorile si traditiile, coagulate in jurul simbolului nostru de credinta: Biserica Ortodoxa Romana Sfantul Stefan.

Biserica Ortodoxa Romana Sfantul Stefan este un monument istoric al comunitatii din South St. Paul, dar este si spatiul securizant si sacru pe care membrii comunitatii noastre il numesc cu multa caldura "acasa". Cu o istorie de aproape 100 de ani, Biserica noastra a fost construita de primii romani imigranti in Minnesota. Din 1924 si pana in prezent, Biserica noastra a oferit indrumare spirituala, alinare si multa dragoste generatiilor de romani americani, dar si tuturor oamenilor care i-au trecut pragul in cautarea binelui.

Astazi, Biserica Ortodoxa Romana Sfantul Stefan are nevoie de sprijinul nostru. Urmele timpului si-au pus amprenta asupra bisericii noastre si de aceea restaurarea este imperios necesara.

Fiecare dintre noi putem contribui la acest efort de a duce mai departe mostenirea lasata cu atata darnicie de inemeietorii Bisericii Sfantul Stefan.

Orice donatie este importanta si binevenita.

Va stam la dispozitie pentru orice informatii legate de planul de restaurare si modul in care vor fi utilizate fondurile obtinute din donatii.

Ramai alaturi de noi si afla povestile oamenilor din comunitatea noastra si evenimentele la care te asteptam cu drag!

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